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We BIM your project - Using modern Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, we realize and revitalize sustainable, future-oriented buildings for industry, health care facilities, and life science institutions.


BIM starts with the Client-Information-Request

Auftraggeber-Informations-Anforderung (AIA)

In order to make a construction project with BIM (Building Information Modeling) at the end of the day available to the client, it is important to define the information already in the project development, which are required by the client later on. This is done by the Client-Information-Request. It then serves the planner and the executives to generate the correct data during modeling in such a way that they are usefully available when the building is handed over to the client. The development of Client-Information-Request must be carried out with the help of a BIM-Manager. We are happy to assist you with this service.

Information about BIM in the construction industry.

Biosafety starts with the hazard analysis


Biosafety is the protection of personnel when handling biological agents. In the EU, this is specified in the EC Directive 2000/54 and is regulated in Germany in the Biological Agents Ordinance. A distinction is made between four levels of protection (BSL 1 - 4). The assignment of activities with biological agents to one of the protection levels takes place with the help of the hazard analysis. This is to be done at the beginning of every project and from this technical, organizational and personal security measures are derived. Lorenz Consult has been working on this topic for a long time and works closely with the leading expert in Germany, the MLT in Frankfurt.

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Membership Austrian steel construction association


We are constantly expanding our expertise and are now a member of the Austrian steel construction association.

The Austrian Steel Construction Association was founded in 1954 and today has 95 members from the fields of steel construction (industrial and commercial), steel trade, steelmaking, supply industry, corrosion protection, interest groups, authorities, testing institutes, technical offices and civil engineers.
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