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We BIM your project - Using modern Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, we realize and revitalize sustainable, future-oriented buildings for industry, health care facilities, and life science institutions.


BIM - Building Information Modelling standards needed?

Umfrage zu BIM Building Information Modelling

How urgently do you think standards for using BIM (Building Information Modelling) are needed?
Over a thousand participants from the German construction industry have voted as follows:

- 40.3% very urgent
- 45.0% urgent
- 9.1% I can not judge
- 5.6% not required

... Our Core Competency BIM!
Platform industry 4.0

On Monday the 11th of December the SUMMIT Industrie 4.0 will take place in St.Pölten ...

Lectures on the subject of Industry 4.0 will be accompanied by discussion rounds with interesting participants from various sectors of the economy.

More on this topic can be found here.

Our industrial construction projects ...
Review Enova 2017

Symbolbild Hörsaal

This year′s e-Nova was marked by outstanding lectures on the topic of digitization in construction and energy concepts of the future. Particularly exciting we found the introductory lecture by Prof. Quaschning of the HTW in Berlin, the term of the use of wind energy and photovoltaic until the year 2020 as essential to the temperature target of max. + 1.5 ° C to reach global warming. Rain was also the subject of BIM. There will be a lot of work here in the near future and the processes in the construction industry will change considerably.

We look forward to the coming exciting times.

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