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We BIM your project - Using modern Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, we realize and revitalize sustainable, future-oriented buildings for industry, health care facilities, and life science institutions.


result customer survey


Now the result of our annual customer survey is available. As essential insights it can be stated that the topics of optimal communication in the projects, quality of the service provision and the accompanying personnel qualification are considered to be decisive for the project execution. What pleases Lorenz Consult, with its focus on health care facilities, cleanroom and industrial planning, is that our customers express a positive testimony to these criteria. Compared to the competition, we are also better viewed by our customers. We would like to express our gratitude for the positive feedback and are very enthusiastic about the accompanying suggestions for the further development of our services.
ISO9001 certification

On February 6, 2018, Lorenz Consult took another decisive step in quality management. The renewal of our ISO9001 certification and the associated upgrade to the ISO9001: 2015 update. We are proud to report a positive audit and the associated receipt of the certificate
Study on the future of artificial intelligence.

A recent study by PwC revealed that by 2030, half of all business profits from business cases come from "AI" - artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to increase global GDP by 14 percent by 2030. That equates to a plus of 15.7 trillion US dollars.

The healthcare, financial and retail sectors benefit most from AI, according to this study.

Information about BIM in the construction industry.
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