Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH
Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH

Our Quality Policy ISO 9001

Lorenz Consult is committed to honouring the following operational principles:
  • quality of the services provided
  • customer satisfaction
  • employee motivation
  • sustainable planning and construction
  • quality of sub-contractors

We use a modern quality management system in order to ensure that our company continues to enjoy an outstanding reputation in the industry, particularly with regard to our first-rate consulting services, as well as our adherence to project timelines and total contractual compliance.

Our constant efforts to improve our profit situation aim to guarantee the continued long-term success of our organization. We strive to recognize our weaknesses, identify their causes, and find effective, lasting improvements.

Exceeding both our customers’ needs and expectations comes naturally to us. We are dedicated to delivering all products and services according to the customer’s quality specifications, and completing the project to their utmost satisfaction.

As a self-learning organization based on the realization of visions, our employees participate in relevant trainings and reap the benefits of a team-learning atmosphere. We emphasize the importance of giving your personal best and give our team members the opportunity to take on responsibility in their project areas. Furthermore, we try, in all project phases, to realize sustainability in our projects.

Lorenz Consult prefers subcontractors who demonstrate their own commitment to excellence in quality.

Defining Sustainability

We consider a project to be sustainable if it is realized according to the three pillars of social, environmental, and economic considerations:

Social Sustainability

  • Increases well-being and mental balance
  • Promotes diversity of opinions and equality of opportunities for both genders
  • Ensures continued education and personal development
  • Considers mobility, media, and communication
  • Respects principles of urban development and formal aesthetics

Environmental Sustainability

  • Uses recyclable materials and is biologically acceptable
  • Considers mobility, media, and communication
  • Is energy autonomous and free of harmful environmental effects (air, noise, light, energy pollution)
  • Minimizes “embodied energy” (total energy consumed in production)

Economic Sustainability

  • Ensures flexibility and diversity of uses
  • Optimizes life-cycle costs
  • Optimizes project life

If there are questions concerning our quality policy, please contact our Quality Leader, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lorenz.


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