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Lorenz Consult is enthusiastic about innovative overall planning of technologically sophisticated buildings for administration, industry, health facilities and clean rooms. BIM is our digital companion in the planning and realization phase.

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Labor 2020 - Not Utopia but Reality

Lorenz Consult realizes a laboratory extension with heat extraction +++ The international pharmaceutical manufacturer Fresenius Kabi Austria expands its laboratory space in Graz by 4,500 m².Build...
Hospital planning with a sure instinct

Many things are changing in the health sector: state hospitals are becoming focal hospitals and robotics are moving in. These are just two phenomena that the civil engineering firm Lorenz Consult is c...
A suitable home for factory 4.0

Digital factory planning +++ The civil engineering office Lorenz Consult helps companies to develop digitization processes and thus to gain more competitive advantage. The "DARWIN" research project at...
Sound technical knowledge paired with a digital view of the future

When it comes to digitisation in construction, the civil engineering office Lorenz Consult from Graz is the right partner. This has been proven in two current projects. As part of the "Digital Factory...

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A suitable home for factory 4.0

The current issue of the magazine for technical building equipment (TGA Fachplaner) publishes an article about the development of digitization processes under the keyword "Factory 4.0" and also shows ...
Cleanroom industry conquers new markets - challenge GMP environment

In its current issue, the Chemical Report publishes a number of articles on the subject of cleanrooms.As a specialist in the field of cleanroom planning for GMP-compliant production facilities in the ...
Fire protection - thinking along of dangers right from the start

The magazine Solidbau publishes in its current issue a report by Lorenz Consult on the subject of fire protection.As a reference, reference is made to the renovation of the surgical complex of the Uni...
The Styrian life science boom

The current issue of Spirit of Styria magazine (also available online) is dedicated to the Styrian boom in the life sciences.Whether human technology, life science or health care, all terms are united...
Competitive advantage through digitalization

In issue 04/2019 the magazine [Umrisse] Zeitschrift für Baukultur publishes an article entitled "Competitive advantage through digitalisation - future-oriented factory planning with Lorenz Consul...
Hospital planning with a sure instinct

The magazine messenger material published in the current expenditure 02/2019 our article hospital planning with intuitive feeling.Here you can read the complete article (page 24)....
Hospital planning with a sure instinct

Reinraum Online published the article "Hospital planning with a sure instinct" in the online edition on 03.05.2019.You can find the complete article under the following link - enjoy reading....
Factory 4.0 - Lorenz Consult, expert in building modelling, sets the digital future in motion

The Austria Press Agency (APA-OTS) has published the following online on 12.04.2019:"A suitable home for factory 4.0: Lorenz Consult, expert in building modelling, sets up the digital future"Find the ...
Digital factory planning

a3Bau has published an article about Digital Factory Planning in the print edition of 28.02.2019 as well as online.You can find the complete report here - enjoy reading it....
Digitalization stops at interfaces

In its current issue, the Österreichische Bauzeitung publishes a comprehensive interview with Mr. DI Christian Lorenz on the subject of digitisation - what advantages can be gained from it and wh...
Home for the factory 4.0

On 15.02.2019 Medianet Verlag published an article by Lorenz Consult about the research project "Darwin" and the factory 4.0 in its online edition.Here you will find the link to the article or the dow...
General planner with a future view

The current issue of the magazine Solidbau contains a comprehensive article about Lorenz Consult.In addition to an interview with Mr. DI Christian Lorenz they also named references like the project 3M...

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