Laboratory Planning and Biosafety

The world of the laboratory is changing

Digitalization is also making its unstoppable entrance in the laboratory. Against this background, various processes and structures must be rethought. This requires network-compatible laboratory equipment with intelligent and smart functions, complex holistic automation concepts and efficient interface solutions. In the age of personalized batch size 1 and personalized medicine, huge amounts of data are generated. This results in new requirements for data handling and secure data storage as well as for the entire remaining laboratory environment. In addition, there is also the increase in legal regulations.

With the increasing complexity, efficient and safe working in the laboratory is becoming more and more important. The partial automation of laboratory steps with simultaneous optimization of the work processes are essential prerequisites for meeting these objectives. The laboratory environment, consisting of spatial structure and media technology supply, must be planned in such a way that it is individually adapted to the current needs of the users. At the same time, they must ensure that they can be adapted quickly and easily to new developments.

Biological agents and biosafety

Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic the correct handling of biological agents in laboratory planning has been an issue. An essential part of this is the creation of the right infrastructure to protect employees and the environment. This involves solving issues such as creating an environment that is as airtight as possible or the possibilities for decontamination. This is highly dependent on the desired Biosafety Level (BSL), especially if the BSL 3 or BSL 4 is to be realized.

If biosafety is considered in the extended environment, solutions must be offered throughout the entire healthcare system. Questions that must also be dealt with in primary care centers, doctors’ practices and pharmacies.

Our solution

Within the framework of laboratory planning and biosafety, we are working on integrative approaches to meet the above-mentioned requirements. We are happy to take over the integrated planning and execution of small and large projects. But we can also take over the service provision of proportional planning tasks in projects, such as the building services planning of ventilation systems and media such as heating, cooling and medical gases alone. Due to the interdisciplinarity within our company, we can put together project teams to suit any task. Digitalization, keyword Laboratory 4.0, is our constant companion. The digital twin is developed and set up from the beginning of the project.

Our core markets are the DACH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) and the Alps-Adriatic region (Southern Austria-Slovenia-Northern Italy).

Our services range from project development, classical engineering, authority engineering, purchasing process, execution supervision to commissioning and participation in the operating permit. Together with our partners, we are also happy to support you in risk and hazard assessment within the scope of biosafety and biosecurity.

Laboratory and Biosafety

The challenge

…in laboratory planning and biosafety lies in ensuring

  • Product protection
  • Personal security

The required room conditions, necessary media as well as the structural design must correspond to the various operating conditions. Obtaining and maintaining the official operating permit is a decisive factor here.

Laboratory and Biosafety

Your added value

We support you in the field of laboratory planning and biosafety in

  • the requirements analysis
  • the risk assessment for BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories
  • the laboratory specific layout design
  • Planning and implementation of the containment area
  • Authority engineering

Typical project schedule

Project idea

Ideal layout

Feasibility Study

Preliminary draft







Warranty support

Support of the company

Facility Management

Development of the project goals
Description of the requirements
Feasibility based on the conditions of the property
BIM project structure development
Deepening the planning
Sharpening of costs
Official approvals
5D-BIM model structure
Detailed planning
Subdivision into execution trades
Description of services
Masses from BIM model
Invitation to tender
Award of the execution
ÖBA secures:
  • Appointment coordination
  • Execution qualities
  • Settlements in accordance with the contract
using BIM
Testing of the functional suitability & training of the operators
Implementation of adjustments
Correction of defects
Adaptation of BIM model to operation
Any necessary modifications during the life cycle of the property
Documentation in the BIM model







Investment request for decision makers
Realizable layouts
Rough cost estimate
General schedule
Room and function program
Officially approved construction project
Detailed cost planning
Schedule for construction/ conversion
high quality tenders
Detailed cost calculation
Execution prices
Start of the execution
Functional & ready for operation real estate to the corresponding
  • Dates
  • Costs
  • Qualities
Short reaction times
Legally compliant defect rectification
High user satisfaction

Quality improvement

Investment cost reduction

Investment cost reduction

Schedule reliability

Reduction of operating costs

Quality improvement

Projects in this area

Customer Feedback

We thank Lorenz Consult Ziviltechniker GmbH for their expertise, understanding and unbelievable willingness to solve, approach and solve problems. Further informationen

Univ.Prof. Dr. KH. Tscheliessnigg, Chairman of the board Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.
Conception, planning, implementation – with Lorenz Consult since 2002 we have a partner who knows how to realize solid standards as well as complex prototypes.
Dr. Hans Peter Lettner, Managing Director Lactosan GmbH & Co. KG

Lorenz Consult is a competent and reliable partner with high professional competence in the individual areas and professionalism in project management.

Sven Federlein, Regional Engineering Leader 3M Precision Grinding GmbH

I would like to thank the team of Lorenz Consult Ziviltechniker GmbH for the fast and good planning as well as the rapid construction of the building for cardiac catheter 3 in the hospital in Graz and their significant support in the course of the project. I am looking forward to further „fast“ projects.

DI Robert Weinhandl, Civil Engineering Team at Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.

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