How to make medical practices & Co. fit against viruses

The challenge

Working under difficult conditions with often inadequate construction measures: These are among the challenges of the Corona pandemic. Medical practices and care facilities that are unprepared or underprepared for epidemics can only operate on a limited scale.
The consequences of unnoticed physician visits, whether urgent or precautionary, can be severe and can extend to undetected illness or mental illness. This is accompanied by an increasing demand on the part of patients for digital and non-contact services.
Lorenz Consult from Graz approaches the topic of pandemics with a lot of experience and sensitivity in hospital, laboratory and cleanroom planning. Especially medical practices, medical centers and PHCs are to be supported. Especially in times of the pandemic it became obvious that due to the existing building conditions several patients could not be treated at the same time. The risk of contamination of buildings and people is high. At present, the technical infrastructure in pharmacies and doctors’ offices is inadequate in very few cases.


What is necessary

In addition to the structural changes, there are other factors that are necessary: For example, digitization of services and related changes in the registration, examination, treatment and patient routing system are required. In order to ensure the correct behavior of staff and patients, they should be trained and informed. Furthermore, transparent information and communication (needs-oriented and target group-specific) is necessary and should be provided.

Possible recommendations for action for a virus-ready building:

  • Modification of the registration system
  • Adaptation of the cleaning system
  • Expansion to include additional temporary functions for continuous patient care
  • Separation of registered and unregistered patients by time or pathway
  • Continuous digitization starting with registration, through admission, treatment and discharge
  • Use of air filter system to keep the air clean and sterilized

Our solution: Structural protection through small changes

Small changes can provide relief. Targeted measures such as spatial separation protect non-infected patients from infection. Step by step, structural changes need to be made in the healthcare sector. This is already happening in hospitals, where improvements are already being implemented.
Isolation from clean areas, which are as free of viruses as possible, to unclean areas, which contain potential viruses, can be created by installing room-dividing walls. In addition, the clean area should be mechanically ventilated in a controlled manner, with the air appropriately filtered. A slightly higher air pressure than in the unclean area also prevents air containing viruses from entering the room via potential leaks. In medical practices, a separate waiting area for infectious clients ensures greater safety. Here, too, ventilation can be used to create a virus-free environment in adjacent rooms.
Legal regulations govern which protective measures apply to the users of the rooms (employees as well as customers or patients). A risk analysis or hazard assessment is used to determine what is needed.

Your added value “Virus Fit Check” from Lorenz Consult

Lorenz Consult helps with the Virus Fit Check to ensure the most normal operation possible in pandemic times and beyond. An analysis is carried out by Lorenz Consult for an existing medical practice or PHC unit. Based on this, recommendations for action for organization, operation and infrastructure are created. In doing so, economic efficiency, expediency and economy are considered in the implementation and in the daily routine. Support is provided for the implementation of the measures, especially the structural/infrastructural measures, from design to cost management, official approvals and implementation. Often this is done while maintaining ongoing operations. And this according to the One-Stop-Shop: Lorenz Consult takes over the organization and handling of the implementation projects in the constructional and operational-organizational area. For this purpose, we make use of competent and experienced partners, if required.

The “Virus Fit Check” package includes:

  • On-site inventory including the operator’s intended future medical orientation
  • Analysis of the current situation and development of potential recommendations for action
  • Evaluation of the potential recommendations for action together with the operator
  • Final report including cost evaluation of any organizational, operational or infrastructural measures.

Typical project schedule

Project idea

Ideal layout

Feasibility Study

Preliminary draft







Warranty support

Support of the company

Facility Management

Development of the project goals
Description of the requirements
Feasibility based on the conditions of the property
BIM project structure development
Deepening the planning
Sharpening of costs
Official approvals
5D-BIM model structure
Detailed planning
Subdivision into execution trades
Description of services
Masses from BIM model
Invitation to tender
Award of the execution
ÖBA secures:
  • Appointment coordination
  • Execution qualities
  • Settlements in accordance with the contract
using BIM
Testing of the functional suitability & training of the operators
Implementation of adjustments
Correction of defects
Adaptation of BIM model to operation
Any necessary modifications during the life cycle of the property
Documentation in the BIM model







Investment request for decision makers
Realizable layouts
Rough cost estimate
General schedule
Room and function program
Officially approved construction project
Detailed cost planning
Schedule for construction/ conversion
high quality tenders
Detailed cost calculation
Execution prices
Start of the execution
Functional & ready for operation real estate to the corresponding
  • Dates
  • Costs
  • Qualities
Short reaction times
Legally compliant defect rectification
High user satisfaction

Quality improvement

Investment cost reduction

Investment cost reduction

Schedule reliability

Reduction of operating costs

Quality improvement

Customer Feedback

We thank Lorenz Consult Ziviltechniker GmbH for their expertise, understanding and unbelievable willingness to solve, approach and solve problems. Further informationen

Univ.Prof. Dr. KH. Tscheliessnigg, Chairman of the board Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.
Conception, planning, implementation – with Lorenz Consult since 2002 we have a partner who knows how to realize solid standards as well as complex prototypes.
Dr. Hans Peter Lettner, Managing Director Lactosan GmbH & Co. KG

Lorenz Consult is a competent and reliable partner with high professional competence in the individual areas and professionalism in project management.

Sven Federlein, Regional Engineering Leader 3M Precision Grinding GmbH

I would like to thank the team of Lorenz Consult Ziviltechniker GmbH for the fast and good planning as well as the rapid construction of the building for cardiac catheter 3 in the hospital in Graz and their significant support in the course of the project. I am looking forward to further „fast“ projects.

DI Robert Weinhandl, Civil Engineering Team at Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.

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