Our cooperation partner, LOVE architecture and urbanism ZT GmbH, was invited as a participant to the international architecture exhibition Biennale 2021 in Venice.

Due to the prevailing health emergency and travel warnings during the last months it was and is not possible to realize the event at the planned date. The exhibition at Palazzo Bembo, directly at the Rialto Bridge, will therefore not be opened until May 22, 2021. The architectural exhibition is open to visitors for a period of 6 months, until November 21, 2021.

The contribution of LOVE architecture is called n186.

n186 is a sculpture of 168 handmade ceramic capillaries, which are grouped spherically around a static spherical hollow body. A part of the white ceramic tubes is glazed with six other colours on the inside of the tube and the upper edge of the tube. Thus, 21 rods of the same colour are arranged radially next to the 61 pure white ceramics.

Object n186 appears fragile, stable, central, spectral and exploding at the same time and thus unites the most diverse aspects of architectural creation: concept, material, design, technical elaboration and their precise realisation.

We congratulate the LOVE team on their participation in the 2021 Biennale and support the realization of their contribution with a sponsorship for 2 ceramic capillaries.

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