So far, the construction industry and construction chemicals in Austria have managed well through the corona crisis. However, the purchase of raw materials is currently causing problems. As confirmed by the Austrian Chemical Industry Association (FCIO), there are bottlenecks in the construction industry.

  • Prices of raw materials for the production of belly-mix products are rising massively, e.g. for synthetic resin products.
  • Another problem is also evident in logistics. Large volumes of sea containers from Asia are occupied by the increased online trade.
  • Brexit and the resulting slowdown in the flow of goods are having a negative impact on the availability of containers and pallets.
  • A boom in the steel industry is creating a special boom in this sector, which is causing problems for producers of construction chemicals due to high prices. They are forced to pass on the price increases to their customers.

An interesting article on this in Industriemgazin and also in our press article on crisis-resistant logistics.