Completion of the renovation of the ORF media site at Küniglberg

With the new construction and renovation of the media location at Küniglberg, ORF has brought together all of its Viennese locations and created a public service media production facility for the future.

The previous workshop halls were demolished down to the ground floor, and the new building for Ö1, Ö3 and the multimedia newsroom was built on top of them, which still corresponds to the previous buildings in terms of height and width.

The multimedia newsroom, with a floor area of around 6,000m², forms the heart of the new ORF media campus. The atrium in the center of the newsroom, designed with a variety of plants and large trees, provides a special feel-good atmosphere here and also enables optimum daylight illumination of the workplaces. Attention was also paid to the particularly energy-efficient glass façade.

The challenge for the interior work was to maintain ongoing production and broadcasting operations without disruption.

The project’s budget and construction schedule were met.

Project details:

  • Start: 2015
  • Completion date: 2022
  • Construction costs: EUR 303.70 million
  • Our services in the course of the project: Site supervision

Our services in the course of the project: Local construction supervision

Some impressions of the final construction works: