With its wide range of properties, steel as a material has become indispensable in the field of technology.
Steel makes it possible to reach enormous heights in buildings, to overcome extreme spans and, in addition, offers a high load-bearing capacity and load-bearing capacity with low weight – the ideal prerequisite for a hall construction.

In addition, and especially with products that change at an ever faster rate, the steel hall allows a high degree of flexibility:

  • simple and cost-effective expansion
  • local reinforcement of the steel structure
  • subsequent installation of roof openings
  • Demolition of the construction is 100% recyclable and
  • Scrap metal revenue covers part of the demolition costs

The planning of a hall construction in industrial construction includes on the one hand the development of the supporting structure and the suitable shell, on the other hand the planning also integrates the building services engineering and production-related technical equipment from the very beginning. This holistic development requires an early cooperation between structural engineer, architect and specialist engineers.

Based on the decades of international experience of Lorenz Consult we ensure a smooth planning in cooperation with plant engineers.
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