The helipad was handed over to the client on September 14, 2020.

The helipad was built at the highest point of the pediatric clinic complex on the grounds of the LKH-Univ.Klinikum Graz.

The landing area with a size of 15 x 18m serves exclusively for ambulance and rescue flights and was equipped according to new standards and norms. The connection to the emergency facilities in UG 1 is made directly via the new bed lift. A second bed lift was added adjacent to the existing escape staircase. This serves the purpose of a fire department elevator and enables a connection to the supply and emergency facilities. Both lifts are connected to each other at platform level by a connecting corridor, which is partially protected from the weather.

The helicopter platform will be erected as a steel girder substructure above the roof superstructure of the existing main staircase. On top of this, flat components will be installed on the landing platform, including a touchdown zone and safety strips. The passenger catching device surrounds the entire landing area in the form of a net construction.

Our services during the project: Project management and structural design

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