Avoiding supply bottlenecks of goods in times of crisis – keyword nearshoring instead of offshoring!

The Covid 19 pandemic shows that supply bottlenecks due to supply chain disruption have an impact on health and costs. In order to counteract this, risk minimization such as loss of production, supply readiness and security of supply must be met. The production of critical components, especially in the health and digitalization sectors, would have to be produced where the goods are needed. Another important point is the establishment of storage capacities to ensure supply readiness, similar to what has been the case with oil and gas for years.

To keep the economy competitive, stable supply chains are needed: Nearshoring instead of offshoring and resilient supply chains have to be implemented with measure and purpose.

Lorenz Consult draws on its expertise in logistics and production and supports the development of critical infrastructure, i.e. from site analysis and feasibility studies to planning and implementation with a view to energy efficiency and zero waste.

The company is currently investigating what financial support can be provided for the structural implementation.