Those who have visions in their own actions are in a positive mood and therefore more satisfied. This also benefits the implementation of projects. Another stone of success is the personal conversation. Even if the schedule is tight.

Climate change, digitalisation or the shift of economic policy forces from the West to the East (keyword China) are major global changes. “This shows that people are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with them and that dissatisfaction is on the rise. This trend can also be observed in construction projects,” says Christian Lorenz, Managing Director of Lorenz Consult.
For him it is time to do something to increase the satisfaction of people in individuals and projects. With his commitment he wants to show: Satisfaction, with what is and with oneself, creates well-being and health.

Keeping an eye on visions
Visions are there to dream of something positive. Therefore it is important to have them not only at work and in projects but also in personal action.
With a project, the client should articulate his expectations, his “emotional” project vision, clearly and in writing right from the start. One of the questions to be answered could be: When is the project successful for the project manager personally? The answer could be: “The employees who then work in the project must feel completely at ease.”
In order not to lose sight of the project vision, it is presented every time a new company joins the project. Decisions should be checked to see whether they are in line with the project vision.

Let’s talk to each other!
Often there is no time to deal with the project more intensively. Meetings are cancelled and communication is limited to an electronic form. A mistake like Christian Lorenz knows: “The reduction to the written word can only lead to misunderstandings. Man is a being that interacts with his five senses and his personal intuition.” Only a digital communication with WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram amputates these human abilities. “Young people in particular, like my two children aged 16 and 18, can experience and learn how important personal conversation is,” says Lorenz.

Balancing expectations
Because where there is a lack of personal conversations, dissatisfaction can quickly spread. Personal expectations can deviate greatly from the prevailing circumstances – right from the start. One example of this is the documentation of an existing property: the construction company believes it is complete. The client and the owner believe that the company knows that they are only approximate.
“A project involves many people working together. If their expectations are not or not enough balanced, misunderstandings and mental models (interpretations) arise. And these increase the dissatisfaction of the individual,” warns Christian Lorenz.

A tool can be BIM (Building Information Modelling), as it increases information and, if implemented correctly, requires a more detailed examination of the topic. Basic questions have to be solved in detail already in the earlier planning phase, usually already in the design phase. It is also important here to understand the client’s requirements in terms of time and remuneration.

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