A high installation density, the lack of a complete documentation of all projections and recesses including lines and the conversion during operation: these are the major challenges in plant and clean room construction. The following 5 tips for the use of BIM (Building Information Model) are easy to follow.

Tip 1: Look reality in the eye
With the use of the 3D scanner, a detailed measurement with dimensional accuracy of +/-2mm at a distance of 25m can be carried out by planning with BIM.
The generated point cloud enables already at the beginning of the planning a comparison of the existing documentation with the built reality and thus a high degree of information of the real situation.

Tip 2: Compare your software
At the beginning of the planning phase, a software comparison must be carried out between the building planner and the plant planner (especially 3D geometries).

Tip 3: Secure yourself
A common coordinate fixed point for all models and the designation of components across all planning areas must be fixed.

Tip 4: Go into detail
The data exchange between the project participants as well as the depth of detail and the level of detail (LOD) of the components per project phase must be clarified.
Especially in the planning phase: Less is more.

Tip 5: Use 3D scans
In order to detect deviations in time or to incorporate possible corrections, a continuous comparison between the reality actually built and the planning must be carried out (also by means of a 3D scanner).
This allows a complete and correct inventory document to be created on the basis of the 3D scan.

If you are interested in further information, please contact Mr. DI Christian Lorenz.