LKH Graz, Surgery Building Stage 3 – Construction Progress

The object is part of the general renovation of the surgery building complex.

The project in detail:

  • Client: Steiermärkische Krankenanstalten GmbH.
  • Stage 3: fundamental general refurbishment and extension of the B wing (extension building)
  • Lower ground floor: construction of a central emergency room with emergency ward
  • Ground floor: access level with an upstream general medical practice
  • 1st floor: PNU and technical areas
  • 2nd upper floor: Surgical research laboratory
  • 3rd floor: technical equipment for the surgical research laboratory
  • All floors: service rooms, therapy rooms and some seminar units
  • Period: July 2018 until ongoing (expected end of 2025)

Current construction progress:

  • Demolition and gutting of the “high-rise building” is largely completed
  • The floor slab of the annex has already been concreted

Our services in the course of the project: General Planning (in ARGE with the architectural office Markus Pernthaler)