We have been training apprentices in our company for more than 40 years. But not only that, we also offer traineeship every year.

Students can gain practical experience for their studies with us during the summer. But also pupils should have the possibility with an traineeship with us, to get a first impression of the versatile activities, which can be helpful later with the occupation choice.

Statement Marlene Resch (intern):

In July 2021, I was allowed to do an internship at Lorenz Consult ZT GmbH. Together with another intern, Thore Habenbacher, I worked in different areas of the company. First, I was allowed to help in the structural engineering department to calculate the massing for a current project. Plans had to be printed out, folded and copied. I was assigned to calculate areas for the coating and masonry work. Finally, when everything was calculated and all the plans were scanned, everything had to be entered into Excel spreadsheets. It was very exciting for me to see how much work is behind such a project and what great responsibility one has in this profession.

In August, I worked in the accounting department. Here I am allowed to help with cost accounting and enter outgoing invoices as well as cash receipts into an accounting program. I am very impressed with the care and orderliness with which work has to be done here to ensure that everything is correct.

In conclusion, I can say that it was a very educational, exciting and fun time for me. The employees were all very friendly and helpful, so I looked forward to every working day and enjoyed going to work every time.