Concentrated women power at Lorenz Consult

There are still more men than women working in technical industries. But a look at our team shows that women are on the advance!

We have noticed the trend towards more women in technical professions very strongly in recent years. “In some areas, such as architecture, the distribution is now even as good as balanced” our managing director Christian Lorenz is pleased and emphasizes, “in our company we have women working in almost all areas and benefit from the “female touch” that this brings to our daily work”.

As team leader of the building construction department, Angelika Kogler is also well acquainted with the special features of the industry and is convinced that “especially in difficult situations, as a woman you act more intuitively and can have a defusing effect. I see this as a clear advantage in the male domain of construction.

Christian Lorenz is also aware that female graduates in the field of civil engineering are still underrepresented and says: “We notice this clearly when we are looking for employees, so we are trying all the harder to achieve a balanced ratio. But much more important to me than meeting a quota are personal discussions to take into account the needs of all employees and their families.”

And Natascha Wittmann, team leader of our Vienna office, also says “it is above all the balance and the good working atmosphere that make working at Lorenz Consult so pleasant”. Of course, we are particularly pleased about this, because we know that satisfied employees are the basis for long-term success.

Women power at Lorenz Consult