Construction of energy control centre (ECC)

Construction of energy control centre (ECC)

  • Client
    Wien Energie GmbH
  • Execution
    04-2019 - 2021
  • Construction costs
    >2,0 Mio

Project Description

Construction of the energy control center for the 24/7 operation of Wien Energie. The construction took place in a previous office building.

Special attention had to be paid to acoustics, lighting and room climate.
In order to remain functional in the event of a crisis, the control room area was equipped with positive pressure. Likewise, the cooling supply as well as the power supply is redundant and by means of a UPS system.
Next to the main control room, a crisis room was built for the event of a crisis. Access to the floor and additionally to the actual control room is secured by means of an intercom system with camera function and access control.

On behalf of Wien Energie, Lorenz Consult is responsible as general planner for the conversion of one floor into an energy control center.