ÖBB training workshop Knittelfeld

ÖBB training workshop Knittelfeld

  • Client
    ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
  • Execution
    06/2019 - 09/2020
  • Construction costs
    EUR > 1,00 Mio.
  • Service
    Local building control HVAC

Project Description

Due to the poor structural condition of the existing ÖBB training workshop Knittelfeld and the necessary increase in capacity, a new building of the training workshop was required. The new training workshop is a flat, 2-story building with a partial basement, which is designed for the training of 200 apprentices.

In the basement, there are checkrooms and washrooms separated by gender, as well as various technical rooms.

In addition to the central foyer, the ground floor has offices, social rooms, workshops and welding shops. Additional workshops, training areas and meeting rooms are located on the upper floor, which is also accessible via an elevator system.

The ventilation system for the welding shop is located in the basement, and the ventilation units and the refrigeration system are enclosed in the roof area.

The required supply and disposal lines are largely in place due to the nearby existing building. The newly required primary district heating line is from the nearby TS boiler house and will be buried to the basement of the new building.

Refrigeration is provided by a chiller with a recooler located in the roof control center. The ventilation system for the welding shop is located in the technical center in the basement.

The ventilation systems for the supply of the upper floors are also located in the technical center on the roof. The new cold water supply will be introduced with a DN65 pipe from the Murgasse (municipal pipe).

The cold water network will be fed via a pressure boosting system to the respective consumers via a distribution system. Hot water tanks are provided for the hot water supply. The wastewater disposal of the building will be discharged into the existing street sewer of Murgasse. Rainwater will be drained into a seepage basin on the building’s own property.

A building management system (BMS) including KNX control is planned for the project. The energy supply ET is provided by a new compact transformer station built by ÖBB. The low-voltage main distribution room will be built in the basement. The object is supplied by a BMA in full protection. A cable elevator is planned for the elevator system.

The new building comprises a 2-story building of solid construction with a partial basement.In the future, the ÖBB Lehrwerkstätte Knittelfeld will be a training center for about 200 apprentices.

Core competencies

Industrial Planning