Reconstruction, 3M Villach

Reconstruction 3M Villach

  • Client
    3M Precision Grinding GmbH
  • Execution
    08/2018 - 05/2021
  • Construction costs
    EUR >10,00 Mio
  • Service
    General Planner

Project Description

The 3M Villach reconstruction project is divided into the following areas:

Infrastructure Building

This is a technical building with a basement, ground floor and 3 additional upper floors. All the necessary technical infrastructure components for supplying the entire plant site are brought together in this building and are therefore located centrally on the site. The building is designed as a reinforced concrete object with a cubic character and a colorful structure in the height development.

New Manufacturing Building

This part of the building will be solidly constructed with concrete columns and beams in prefabricated construction and semi-prefabricated ceilings, and will be lit and ventilated via a floor-to-ceiling glass façade and skylight domes on the roof.

The west façade provides visual contact to the outside in accordance with workplace regulations for any permanent workplaces that may be envisaged at a later date. In the approach area, the facade is protected by a concrete parapet and bollards. The concept of the new building is designed in such a way that no structural loads are transferred to the existing building, but the new building is independently founded.  Visitors are guided via the main staircase into a representative foyer on the second floor, which is located in front of the office area.

Conference rooms are located directly adjacent to the foyer and are used for internal purposes as well as for visitor presentations. Subsequently, east- and west-facing office units with associated functional rooms and infrastructure units are located in the inner core. This provides a very high flexibility of user changes, since the finishing is planned from drywall elements.

The laboratory units are arranged on the east side and separated from the rest of the office floor by access controls for security reasons. The “furnace room” is designed as a separate under-fire section.

In the surface finish of the office, emphasis is placed on robustness and on room acoustics. Suspended ceilings in the offices and corridors allow controlled and invisible routing of the building’s technical equipment, such as ventilation, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical systems. The heating of the office units takes place along the parapete, the heating pipe distribution in the floor construction.)