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We are passionate about innovative overall planning of technologically sophisticated buildings in the areas of administration, industry, healthcare and cleanroom. BIM is our digital companion in the planning and implementation phase.


Symposium "BIM in building services engineering and building management"

BIM in Gebäudetechnik und Gebäudemanagement

On 06 June 2019 the FH Burgenland invites to the 2nd symposium "BIM in building technology and building management".
The event offers lectures on practical experiences with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and new innovative developments.

Mr. Lorenz will speak on the topic "The status of BIM from the point of view of the general planner".
Graz Business Run 2019

Grazer Businesslauf 2019

The motivation of our 4 teams at this year′s Raiffeisen Business Run in Graz was again great and in the end the weather was also excellent.
Everyone gave their best on the more than 5km long track through Graz and mobilized their last strength before the ascent to the finish line.

The more or less big effort of our teams was rewarded with a convivial finale with food and drink.
It was again a successful event in the circle of the colleagues.
Equal celebration LKH 2020 surgical complex - Surgery BE2

Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2

On 25.04.2019 the Equal celebration took place for the building project surgery stage 2.
The project comprises the general refurbishment of the existing component C of the surgical high-rise.

Lorenz Consult acts as general planner in ARGE and is also responsible for the structural and HVAC planners.

You can find further references on the subject of health care facilities here.
Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2
Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2
Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2
Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2
Gleichenfeier Chirurgie BE2
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