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We are passionate about innovative overall planning of technologically sophisticated buildings in the areas of administration, industry, healthcare and cleanroom. BIM is our digital companion in the planning and implementation phase.


Digitization Processes

DI Christian Lorenz

Digitization and process optimization are core competencies of Lorenz Consult.
The research project DARWIN and the reconstruction of the company 3M in Villach are only some of the references in this area.

You can read more in the current issue of the technical magazine for building services equipment (TGA Fachplaner) or in our press section.
Cleanroom industry conquers new markets

DI Christian Lorenz

This is the title of one of her articles in the current issue of the Chemical Report, which also refers to Lounges 2019 in Vienna.
Under the aspect "GMP challenge" Lorenz Consult comments on the increasing demand for laboratories and mentions the conversion of the Fresenius Kabi site in Graz as a reference.

You can read the complete article here.
Fire protection - safety by experts

Chirurige Universitätsklinikum Graz

Those who consult a fire protection expert during the planning phase are on the safe side.

Particularly when refurbishing old buildings, difficulties often arise because the building no longer meets today′s fire protection requirements. Existing load-bearing structures then have to be clad with fire protection material in order to meet the standard. The challenge, however, is to attach the building services installations to the supporting structure and this in turn weakens the additional fire protection cladding. Only through an intensive exchange with a competent fire protection expert can solutions be found that meet both requirements.

Listed buildings represent a different challenge. The structural restrictions imposed by listed buildings can be countered by the correct location of fire or smoke sections.

The current issue of Solidbau magazine deals with the topic of fire protection and has published an article by Lorenz Consult, which you can find below.
Chirurige Universitätsklinikum Graz
Brandschutz - Sicherheit durch Experten
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